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You have Complete Design Control

Build a totally unique website at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional designer. Choose one of our many professionally designed templates (called themes) and make it come alive with your own artistic vision.

Our Live Theme Editor allows you instantly to customize the look and feel of your website down to the smallest detail. With live editing, the changes you make appear instantly, so you don't have to toggle back and fourth between windows or publish and refresh your browser over and over.

Choose Fonts and Colors

Easily choose the size, color and weight of your text. We use Google fonts so you can select from dozens of custom web-ready fonts.

Banners and Backgrounds


Create your own banner image and easily crop or re-size it to fit perfectly into your website design. Use a photo, logo or graphic to brand your website with your own personality.


Choose anything from a majestic landscape, a gritty brick wall or some funky paisley wallpaper to serve as the backdrop for your site.

Need Design or Theme Editor Help? No problem!

HostBaby's staff is here to help if you get stuck. Need an image resized, or tips on customizing your design? Contact us through our support form here and we'll help you out.